Last in our heart: 007 Spectre🔫

Is Spectre really Daniel Craig’s last 007 movie?

It is the question in my mind before and even after watching the movie. Guess it is but after watching the premiere and some of the tv interviews, I have no ideas at all… Never mind, it is cool enough to be the ending for Daniel Craig’s James Bond, right? 🙂

Spectre is really a fantastically exciting 007 movie, with all the great action scenes and marvelous Aston Martin Cars, it is a must for action movie lovers. (Watched it twice in cinema, still can’t get rid of it!!!!!😆)

To not be a movie spoiler, the post is delayed 🔫
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Léon, be my one-and-only Professional

🔫Recently has a chance to watch this film, Léon(1994). Or says, The Professional.

The story happens between a 12-years-old girl named Mathilda and a professional assassin, Léon.

🔧Mathilda’s family was murdered, she then becomes Leon’s protégée and learns the assassin’s skills. Continue reading Léon, be my one-and-only Professional