Words for beloved MUM 💌

💖Don’t be shy to express your love, especially when it is Mother’s day.

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Last Christmas 🎄

Merry Christmas Neverlanders ! 🎅

It’s Christmas time again, it’s nearly the end of a year again, and it’s time for us to reflect and review on what we’ve done in this year.⛄

This year would be a very exciting year for me because I finally created my own blog (after many sleepless night 😂), as you all may know, this website aims at sharing positive and refreshing posts like Daily Quote, Travel posts, Food posts and last but not least the Feeling posts, which are full of different contents like personal feelings, poems, movie reviews, etc. By the way, more to come very soon!

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Love and Peace, Pray for Paris

Paris is a romantic and chic city, recently, it is hurt.

Petite Neverland would like to send all our prayers and care and love to Paris.

At this moment, violence could not deal with violence, all we should do is stay strong be supportive especially for those who are in Paris right now, please note that we all are keeping huge concerns on you.

We, Petite Neverland Keepers always promise to give you guys the best place to reflex your mind, through daily quote, fresh recipe and travel posts, but at this moment, all we want to do is spread our love to all the Parisians and those who are hurt, physically and mentally.


P.S. Love from all the Neverlanders and Keepers!💛

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Which Star has your DREAM?

DREAM ON STARS 🌟 by Neverland Keeper

I love looking at the distant starry sky
Search for my dream among the stars, 🌌
I wonder which star does my dream locate…

You say I think too much, but… 
😉Brave to chase my dreams
self-oriented and unique is my style.

Let me hold tight your hands
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